For those who dream of a holiday where there are vast expanses of golden beaches and cliff top views

The Salento, land of sun, sea and wind is the place for them. On the one hand you can see the sun rising on the Adriatic Coast whilst on the other you can see it setting on the Ionian Coast. Casina Montana is located equally between and nearby to both coastlines. You can choose either the deep blue sea of the Adriatic or the golden beaches of the Ionic Coast. From whichever direction the wind blows there will always be a corner of paradise where you are able to enjoy the hot Salento sun.

On the Adriatic coast one can visit the beautiful natural oasis of the Cesine (37km) where thousands of birds find sanctuary; the marina of Roca Vecchia (32km) with some of the best preserved architecture of the Bronze Age; Torre dell'Orso (32km) and its seemingly endless beach and crystal clear waters plus the unique "two sisters" rocks; the marina of Sant'Andrea (28km) also with its beautifulrocky stacks; the beaches of the Alimini Lakes (32km) stretching for over 5 Km with their imposing dunes and woodlands; Otranto, the pearl of the Adriatic, (23Km, taking only15 minutes thanks to State Road 16), a charming old town situated by the crystal clear sea and inside the walls of the old city with a cathedral that is famousfor its twelfth-century floor mosaic; the towns of Santa CesareaTerme (25km) and Castro (27km) with their very high cliffs overlooking the sea; the fabulous coves of Porto Badisco (22km) and Acquaviva (25 km); the colorful port of Tricase (35km); the old salt caves of Corsano (37km); Ciolo(35km) with its ancient caves and the most beautiful fjord of the Salento; Santa Maria di Leuca(47km), with its iconic lighthouse and the Basilica De Finibus Terrae “church at the end of the land’.

On the Ionian coast are the long beaches of Pescoluse (42km), often referred to as the Maldives of Salento; Punta Prosciutto (63km) with its white sands and important dune system; the seashores of Ugento (39km) with its reclaimed canals and basins welcome a rich bird life, an ideal place for birdwatchers; the beauty of the coastal stretch of Porto Selvaggio (38km) with its extensive pine forest; the beach and ancient defensive tower of San Isidoro (46 km) and Torre Castiglione (60km), characterised by the sink ponds of its limestone cliffs; the beautiful and ancient town of Gallipoli (31km) that seems to float on the sea; and finally the magic of the Salina Monaci (67km) where one can see the flight of pink flamingos at sunset.